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REST method

REST service method ( GET, POST, PUT etc).

URL Text Field

Enter complete URL

Edit URL in Form

Enter URL in a form dialog.

Encode URL query parameters

Indicates the URL query parameters should be encoded or not.

Add Comments or Descriptions

Add comments about this service.

Run this REST service

Run this service.




Enter full URL in this field. If you click on the ellipses button shown next to this field, Edit URL dialog will be shown.



Method Radio Buttons

Select one of the method radio button. If you want to use custom method, select CUSTOM radio button and enter custom method name in the text field.


Time out

Enter time out value for the service to execute. The service execution will be aborted when the execution time reaches the specified time interval.


Edit Description

Click this button to change the description of this service.



Encode URL

When this field selected, the URL will be encoded. If you have used space, & and other symbols,

they will be replaced with corresponding HTML entity codes.



Click this button to execute the service. The run manager dialog will be shown. When the execution is done, the results will be shown in Response panel.




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