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Document Group

Creates a new document


Open Document

Open a document and browse its contents


Save Document

Save document


Save As Document

Save document as another document.


Close Document

Close the opened document.



Service Group

Add REST Service

Add a new REST service item in REST Service tree explorer.


Add Groovy Script

Add a new Groovy script in REST Service tree explorer.


Add Test Case

Add a new Test Case in REST Service tree explorer.


New Service Wizard

Shows New Service Wizard Dialog to insert REST service, Groovy script and Test Case.


Run Services and Scripts

Run one or more selected REST service items in REST Explorer tree. You can select one or more REST services, scripts and test cases together and run.



Preferences Dialog

Opens Preferences Dialog for customize user preferences.


Proxy Settings

Opens Proxy Settings in Preferences Dialog.




Opens the Application Help.




Exit the application.





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