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Invoice View

To display Invoice List View,

1.Select Wizard Tool button in the Home | New Service Wizard in the main ribbon bar.




New REST Service  Radio button

Select this button to add a REST service.


New Groovy Script  Radio button

Select this button to add a Groovy Script.


New Test Case  Radio button

Select this button to add a Test Case.


URL Page


Host Name

Enter host name with http protocol. For example,


Port Number

Enter port number. For example, 7001


Resource Path

Enter resource path relative to the host name and port number.


Query Parameters

Add query parameters


URL Method Page



Method Radio Buttons

Select one of the method radio buttons.



Headers Page




Headers Table

Add one or more header parameters.



Payload Page




Payload Contents Editor

Enter payload contents in this code editor. For example, add a JSON content in this editor.


Run Service




Run Service Check Box

Select this check box to run the newly added REST service when the wizard is closed.


Groovy Script Page



Groovy Script editor

Enter groovy script in this code editor.


Test Case Page




Test Case editor

Enter test case in this code editor.



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