Key Features

Quick Test

  • Create REST API with standard methods such as GET, POST etc
  • Test your REST APIs quickly

Organize API

  • Drag and drop to organize REST API(s) into groups and subgroups
  • Duplicate one or more API requests, groups and subgroups on a single click.
  • Cut, copy and paste one or more REST service items
  • Replay and organize
  • Multiple Content Types: Support for JSON, XML and HTML content-types

Wizard Support

  • Wizard Support to create new REST service quickly.

Wizard - Edit URL

  • Wizard Support to edit URL.


  • Edit complete URL in the free form

URL Edit Dialog

  • Edit complete URL using fields such as host name, port number etc.

Request Headers

  • Edit Request headers: You can edit request headers as raw data or via table editor

Request Payload

  • Edit request payload data via raw input

Response Headers

  • View Response headers: You can view response headers as raw data or via table viewer

Response Payload

  • View Response Payload: You can view response payload as raw data or formatted

Groovy Scripting

  • Groovy Script: Supports groovy script to define properties and property transfer.

Custom Properties

  • Define your own properties or variables. For example, you define variables such as HOST_NAME, PORT_NUMBER etc and use them as template variables in URL. When you move to new server, all you have to do is just update SERVER_NAME variable. You don't have to go and change the server name in each API. It saves you lot of time.
  • Property Transfer: For example, if API URL parameters are depends on the result of executiong of another API, you can use this feature. Transfer API test result into a custom variables and use them as templates in API requests.
  • Setup environment with custom properties and run API with each environment

Test Cases and Test Automation

  • Test Cases and Test Automation using scripts
  • Supports test cases to verify and automate tasks.


  • HTML Report: Generate summary and details report in HTML format.

Customize Settings

  • Customize preferences

Customize URL Methods

  • Customize URL Methods preferences

Customize Proxy Settings

  • Customize Proxy Settings

JSON Tools

  • JSON Tools to manipulate json contents.

Standalone application

  • No IDE or plug-in is required.
  • Free: It is a free software and you will love it!

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